Writing content

The purpose of your group’s website is to communicate with others and this is achieved through writing ‘content’. Tools such as WordPress allow anyone to easily become a publisher on the Web, but the success of the website largely depends on whether your content is clearly written, informative and useful to your readers. There are a few features built into WordPress to help you achieve this.

Content types: There are different content types to help you organise your site. Posts, Pages, Links and Media are all different types of WordPress content. Posts and Pages are used differently and you should be aware of which is most appropriate for what you’re trying to convey. A list of links (sometimes called ‘blogroll’) to other websites also says a lot about your site and can help form a network of related community groups. Sometimes, a picture or video ‘speaks a thousand words’ and you can communicate something in a more interesting way by not writing about it but showing people instead (this website takes this approach by guiding you through lots of screenshots).

Spelling and Grammar checking: By default, WordPress.com offers a proofreading service whenever you attempt to publish a post or page. You can use this at any time by clicking on the  icon in the editor toolbar. You can also change your personal proofreading options by clicking on the Personal Settings link under the Users panel.