Polls and surveys

The Polls panel provides you with a way to build a poll or survey using the Polldaddy service. Polls might be useful as a way to learn more about the people who use your site or as a way for you to ask your members to vote on a group matter. You could add a poll to a password protected post to ensure that you receive feedback only from people you’ve given the password to (i.e. your members).

Polls and forms are both ways to get feedback from people using your site (comments are another way). Polls offer a quick way for people to respond to pre-defined answers. Forms offer a way to get more detailed, written responses.

Surveys/polls with up to 10 questions and 200 responses per month are free. You can create a poll either from the Polls panel or by clicking on the Upload/Insert polls icon in the toolbar of the visual editor. The Polls panel lists all the polls you’ve already created.

Managing polls

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When you click on Add New, you’ll see a screen like the one below, which allows you to add questions and answers to your poll, choose a design and change other settings. Once you’ve saved the poll, you can either embed it in a new post or go to an existing post and insert it from there.

Creating a poll

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Designing polls

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Watch a video about polls